Rachel Griffith is a freelance designer and illustrator based out of North Central West Virginia. She received her BFA in graphic design from West Virginia Wesleyan College in the spring of 2018 and currently works part-time at her local print shop. On her days off, she splits her time between freelance, and working on building up her portfolio with personal works of her own.

Art/Design Statement

      “My work is inspired by the bold lines and bright colors characteristic of comics and cartoons. I incorporate this style in my own design through the use of dramatic line weight and graphic color schemes, which creates a unique dichotomy between design and illustration. When working on projects, I find that digital programs give me the most control in selecting certain hues and manipulating the form of the image. I also tend to work with ink pens and Copic markers because they offer a similar amount of control in a more hands-on fashion. While this method may not be as precise when compared to working digitally, I still feel that it is necessary in figuring out the look and feel of a design. Once I have an idea of how it will look on paper, I can go digital to clean up lines and adjust the color more accurately.

     Fine art and graphic design have always been a large part of my life. With my process, I merge the two to create work that is both functional and artistic. I accomplish this by thinking of each project as an illustrated message and determining what imagery will best convey that message in a creative and interactive way. It is also my goal to create work that means something to both my client and their viewing audience. I take into account the what they want and need, and use their own passion as inspiration for the work I do for them.”